Dental alumni have research paper published

Congratulations to dental alumni Nidhi Parmar and Gabby Thompson who have recently had a research paper accepted for publication in the prestigious Journal of Orthodontics. The title of their article is “Microbial colonisation associated with conventional and self-ligating brackets: a systematic review”. This systematic review originated from their Year 4 Evidence Summary project and identified … Read more

Gemma and Keira publication success!

Congratulations to current Year 5 students Gemma Li and Keira Madden, who recently had an article published in the student BDJ.  Their article “Treating patients with visual impairments; are dental students blind?” was based on a pre-pandemic visit to a blind and visually impaired school where they both delivered dental prevention to the students. We … Read more

Vishal Davda and Neel Sethi have Dental Trauma article published

Current undergraduate students Vishal Davda and Neel Sethi have had a revision article on the topic of Dental Trauma published in the BDJ student magazine. The article is titled “A Summary of Trauma in the Young Permanent Dentition”.   Do have a read as it may prove a useful revision resource for other students currently studying the unit … Read more

Dental student to have article published in BDJ!

Last year we brought you news of Wendy McLaren’s Posture Workshop following on from her elective project.  We are delighted to announce that Wendy has now had her paper “Do Dental Students have Acceptable Working Posture?” accepted for publication without modifications in the Research section of the British Dental Journal (BDJ)!  Professor Robinson commented “this … Read more

The First Veterinary Science BEME Review is accepted for publication – with a dentist on the review team

Most clinicians have heard of Cochrane reviews and understand the term as shorthand for a rigorous systematic review process applied to a clinical question. The equivalent process within medical education (a Best Evidence Medical Education (BEME) review) also involves a team of reviewers who construct a research question, develop a protocol and then sift, analyse … Read more