Library eJournals: new products to improve access

The University Library has invested in a trio of new products to improve access to eJournals both on and off campus: BrowzineLibKey Nomad and

BrowZine provides a new way to view the journals available from the Library, while the Libkey products improve access to the full-text of articles.

We recommend you download the Libkey Nomad browser extension to get easier access to the pdfs and full-text of journal articles that the Library has paid for.

Optimise the way you discover and interact with your key journals

BrowZine is a web app that gives you improved access to the thousands of scholarly eJournals subscribed to by the University of Bristol, plus a large range of open access journals.

With all of the information being produced in scholarly journals and acquired by libraries it can be a challenge to present this fountain of knowledge in a way that informs and inspires.

BrowZine is a service that compliments the powerful search tools offered by the Library with an equally powerful browsing experience that presents the contents of thousands of academic journals in an exciting and easy to use new way. BrowZine is a discovery tool that visually displays Library journals in a three tier taxonomy organised by area of study.

For members of the Bristol Dental School:

For students: BrowZine provides an opportunity to gain familiarity with a new area of study helping you learn more about what is being discussed in the current scholarly discourse. This knowledge can help inspire fresh topics for research papers of help foster interest in the field by broadening horizons beyond your classwork.

For researchers: BrowZine can help you track your favourite journals on an online bookshelf. This personalisation feature allows you to receive alerts on a mobile device when new issues are published, helping to foster awareness of current trends in your field, and learn about new journals you may not be familiar with that you have access to via the Library. See the extensive journal coverage of BrowZine.

Users can download and save articles on mobile devices for later reading, as well as share citations over Twitter, or file papers away on other services such as Endnote.

Get the most from BrowZine:

Introductory video: Be Inspried with BrowZine

Tutorial 1: Staying Current with BrowZine

Tutorial 2: Discover New Journals with BrowZine

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Library staff welcome feedback from students and staff on these products – we’d love to know how you use and rate them – please email comments to your Subject Librarian for Dentistry:

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