Greetings from Hanover

This week our colleagues from Hanover Dental School would have been visiting as part of the Hanover-Bristol Dental School exchange programme. This is only the second time in 48 years that an Exchange visit has been cancelled. Profs Eisenburger and Günay send warmest greetings. We hope to welcome them to Bristol in June 2021.

Hanover Exchange Report 2019

Friday the 14th of June marked the beginning of the annual Bristol-Hanover exchange. On its 45th year, eleven students took to Germany to expand their scope of dentistry, experience differences in European healthcare, and understand our long-standing relationship with our German counterparts. How Hanover and Bristol became an unlikely pairing demands a talk of its … Read more

Hanover Exchange 2019 applications now open

Bristol and Hanover Dental Schools celebrate the twinning of our towns by an Exchange visit that runs each year. This Exchange has been running now for over 40 years and has resulted in long-lasting friendships and sometimes even collaborative projects. This year students from Bristol are due to visit Hanover, Germany, from Saturday 15th to … Read more

Hanover Exchange 2018

Between the 9th and 16th of June, Bristol welcomed 12 Hanover exchange students for the 44th year of the Bristol-Hanover Dental Exchange Programme. We had a jam-packed week, fortunately with some sunshine, which we did mention is not always typical of Bristol. We all had a great time getting to know our German exchange students … Read more

Thursday at Hannover Dental School

Today the group where once more on clinic and in the clinical skills lab. We got to meet the acting Head of School, Professor Guertsen. We had a talk from Dr Pott from the Department of Conservative Dentistry, Periodontology and Preventative Dentistry. Dr Pott showed us varied approaches and the importance of clinical decision-making taking … Read more

Wednesday on the Hannover Exchange

On Wednesday morning the group visited Xental dental laboratories near Celle.  There we met one of the directors Axel Quint.  We saw computer aided design of a zirconia crown and computer aided manufacture of crowns and bridges. There is a video on the CADSPEED website showing one of the machines that we saw in action. … Read more

Hannover exchange on Tuesday

Today the group attended a special lecture. Interestingly, this involved an in-patient attending at the front of the lecture theatre and sitting in the dental chair. It was interesting to see a medical patient who also had dental problems. A third year student would take the patient history and then fifth year student would do … Read more