Thursday at Hannover Dental School

Today the group where once more on clinic and in the clinical skills lab. We got to meet the acting Head of School, Professor Guertsen. We had a talk from Dr Pott from the Department of Conservative Dentistry, Periodontology and Preventative Dentistry. Dr Pott showed us varied approaches and the importance of clinical decision-making taking into account patient circumstances. He showed his case reports on the use of precision attachments and telescopic crowns and a case report on telescopic retained dentures. These are more commonly used in Germany than in the UK.

Dr Gray discussing the similarities and differences between Clinical Skills Lab work in Bristol and Hannover with Alexander Rahman – Lead for the Phantom Head 3 course

Dr Adam from the Periodontology and Implantology group explained how teaching is integrated, with students learning about periodontology, cariology, endodontology, paediatric dentistry, and preventative dentistry. He told us about current research studies on regenerative therapy initiated by Prof Günay. Hannover dental school is currently conducting a clinical trial to regenerate periodontal using the granulation tissue preservation technique (GTPT). First the mucoperiosteal flap containing granulation tissue is mobilised. The root surface is cleaned and enamel matrix proteins are applied. The flap is repositioned and sutured. Using this technique mesenchymal stem cells within the flap differentiate to form bone which fills the area of the defect.

We had a talk from Mr Robert Nicholls of the Hannover-Bristol Gesellschaft who explained how the twinning of the cities came about 70 years ago. The Dental Exchange programme has been running for 44 years.

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