Emily Black awarded prestigious scholarship!

We are delighted to report that final year BDS student Emily Black has been awarded with a very prestigious award: A scholarship for the Healthcare Leadership Academy! The HLA aims to nurture leadership, foster frontline innovation and to empower the next generation of clinical leaders. Their internationally recognised and innovative scholarship programme welcomes healthcare professionals … Read more

Call for participants in research project

Participants are being sought for a research project on “An exploration of the views of ethnic minority dental students of the impact of their ethnicity on their dental school experience”.  This project is being undertaken by former Paediatric Dentistry StR and Bristol graduate Maalini Patel.  If you wish to take part, Maalini’s contact details are … Read more

Congratulations Haajarah!

Current Year 4 BDS student Haajarah Rana took part in the University of Bristol Undergraduate research festival (the BILT festival mentioned in the bulletins a few weeks back) and she received a commendation and monetary reward for her presentation. The presentation was titled ‘The Perio Snapshot Study – do you know what gum disease is?’. … Read more

Congratulations Sadie!

We are delighted to congratulate final year student Sadie Karia on winning an Outstanding Student Award! This competitive award is part of the Bristol PLUS scheme, and recognises students who have made significant contributions in an extracurricular role or project. In Sadie’s case, she was presented with the Outstanding Award in Global Citizenship in recognition … Read more

Gemma and Keira publication success!

Congratulations to current Year 5 students Gemma Li and Keira Madden, who recently had an article published in the student BDJ.  Their article “Treating patients with visual impairments; are dental students blind?” was based on a pre-pandemic visit to a blind and visually impaired school where they both delivered dental prevention to the students. We … Read more

Intercalated BSc in Genomic Medicine

Applications are welcome for the intercalated programme in Genomic Medicine 2021-2022, open to medical, dentist and veterinary students, hosted by the MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit and the Bristol Medical School. Applicants must have reached a point in their curriculum equivalent to the end of Year 2 of a UK professional degree course to be eligible. … Read more

‘Tis the Season

Tis the Season is a campaign which signposts students, both those in Bristol and away, to everything that is available to them during the holidays, whether that’s something fun, to keep busy and meet people, or how to find support at a difficult time. Please check out What’s on in the holidays and Services and … Read more