Dental Scrubs Ceremony 2022

On 12th October we held our annual Dental Scrubs Ceremony.

The purpose of the Dental Scrubs ceremony is to mark the first significant milestone in their professional journey, receiving their dental scrubs and reflecting on their new role and responsibilities as dental professionals.

Bristol Dental School is the only Dental school in the UK that holds a Dental Scrubs ceremony.

Following a welcome address by Prof Dave Dymock, the topic of student professionalism was discussed by Dr Neville, including reference to UHBW Trust Uniform and Dress Code. The morning event culminated in the students receiving their scrubs.

Dr Neville would like to thank all the students for their participation during the event, and especially to Prof Dymock, Mrs Alison Grant, Ms Freya Shearman, Dr Nilu Ahmed and Dr Alan Buckingham for taking time out of their busy schedules to attend this event. Thanks also to Alex Mead, Louisa Pratten and Donna Parkins for their administrative support with the event.

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