Emily Black attends Ash Palmar Dentistry Retreat

4th Year student Emily Black was a lucky winner of an all-inclusive cosmetic dentistry course! Entered through UBDSS, one student from each dental school across the country was able to attend Ash’s first of its kind course, adapted specifically for dental students. Ash has a depth of experience in teaching as he runs many courses through ‘The Academy by Ash’.

Ash shared a whole range of advice such as for shade taking, rubber dam, crown preps and for photography. He even gave a live demonstration on how to do a smile ‘mock-up’ for patients, so they can see what their new smile would look like. He also gave some invaluable tips on communication and ethical selling within dentistry, giving them a look into the business side of running a dental practice.

Emily was also all treated to an exceptional Indian meal on Saturday night and a trip to a spa on Sunday morning. A huge thank you to Dr Palmar for his generosity and the opportunity!

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