Year 2 Scrubs Ceremony 2017

On 23rd January 2017 we held our third consecutive Scrubs ceremony.  The purpose of the scrubs ceremony is to mark the student’s transition from pre-clinical to clinical stage of their studies, as well as take the opportunity to reflect on their new role and responsibilities as dental students with patients on clinic.

Bristol Dental School is the only Dental school in the UK that runs a Scrubs ceremony.

A number of faculty members came and spoke to the students about some issues relating to dental professionalism.  Following an open address by Prof Peter Robinson, Dr Julie Williams gave an interactive talk about ‘Professionalism as a gift’. This was followed by a discussion of the UH Bristol Uniform and Dress Code as well as some activities reflecting on the dental student code of conduct by Drs Patricia Neville and Andrea Waylen. Dr James Ban also spoke to the students about social media and its impact on professionalism and adhering to GDC guidelines. Ms Penny Shakeshaft from the NHS also spoke to the students about becoming employees of the NHS and the values of the NHS.

The morning event culminated in the students receiving their scrubs from Prof Robinson and their signing of the dental student code of conduct.  Student evaluation data reveals that 100% of the Year 2 students thought the scrub ceremony was ‘very good’ overall.

The organising committee would like to thank all the students for their participation during the event, and especially Dr Julie Williams, Prof Robinson, Dr James Ban and Ms Penny Shakeshaft for taking time out of their busy schedules to participate in this event. Thanks also to the members of staff in attendance during the morning and to Mrs Emily Jones, Year 1 and 2 Co-Ordinator for her assistance throughout the planning of the event.

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