Open Day 2016 a success!

On Friday 17th and Saturday 18th June the University held the first of two Open Days this year.  Members of the Dental School were out in force to provide prospective students with all the information they need ahead of applying.  The bite-sized videos and augmented reality app Aurasma proved popular again and we’ve seen a lot of visitors to our YouTube Channel.  The whole two days proved to be a huge success as emphasised by extracts of the feedback obtained below, and a huge thank you goes to the Open Day team for all their incredibly hard work.

The Open Day team from left to right: Savan Patel, James Muthiah, Naz Saghafian Larijani, Professor Jonathan Sandy, Miss Susan Hooper, Dr Mojtaba Dorri, Professor Peter Robinson, Miss Sarah Bain, Nisha Patel and Maalaika Al-Koky
The Open Day team from left to right: Savan Patel (Yr 5 student), James Muthiah (Yr 3 student), Naz Saghafian Larijani (Yr 3 student), Professor Jonathan Sandy (Dean of Health Sciences), Miss Susan Hooper (Admissions Officer), Dr Mojtaba Dorri (Open Day Organiser), Professor Peter Robinson (Head of Dental School), Miss Sarah Bain (Head of DCP School), Nisha Patel (Yr 2 student) and Maalaika Al-Koky (Yr 2 student)

What did you think of the Dental School Open Day videos?

“Very informative and professional.”

“Gave a good insight into dental student life at Bristol.”

“It gave a thorough insight into both the academic and social aspects of the Dental School.”

Did you find the Aurasma app easy to use?

“The app was very informative and easy to use.  I will definitely be using this in order to further more interest.”

“Yes – a unique way of showing the facility.”

“Yes a very good app and talks were useful.”

Did you get the answer to all of your questions?

“Yes, Nisha and Naz were extremely helpful and answered all questions.  They were very passionate when speaking about the course.”

“Yes, everyone was friendly and helpful.”

“Dr Hooper’s presentation extremely informative.”

The last Open Day this year will take place on Friday 9th September – further details can be found on the Open Day website.

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