‘Surviving Dental School’ Podcast featuring Hana Rezaei Hadad

Current fourth year student Hana Rezaei Hadad recorded a terrific podcast with Dr Shaadi Manouchehri, a dentist in London, about her journey through Bristol Dental School.  It covers how she got accepted, as well as how it’s going so far, particularly in these challenging times.

Dr Manouchehri has a series of episodes called Teeth and Tales with other dentists, and this one with Hana is called ‘Surviving Dental School’.  Please see the links below to have a listen – it’s well worth it!

Web link: https://lnns.co/pRMHINoG2dr

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/14OKzvjwsmCAk9V8KYM78J?si=thwSljlqRJWyMwR2yo6hTQ

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