Year 2 Scrubs Ceremony

On Monday 25th January 2016 the Dental School held its Scrubs Ceremony for Year 2 students to mark their transition from the pre-clinical to clinical stage of their studies. Members of the Faculty were present to watch 68 students receive their scrubs in the Chapter House Lecture Theatre.

The idea for this ceremony was inspired by the White Coat ceremony that medical students have in North American universities. Its aim is to provide guidance and information to Year 2 students on their professional responsibilities and role as dental students. This is the second year of this event and the first of its kind in UK Dental Schools.

Following a Welcome Address by Professor Peter Robinson, Head of School, Dr Julie Williams gave a talk entitled ‘Professionalism as a gift’. The students then took part in an interactive discussion on dental professionalism and the roles and responsibilities of dental students. The students discussed and ratified a Dental Student Code of Conduct drafted by the Scrubs Ceremony organising group. This was facilitated by Dr Patricia Neville: Dr Andrea Waylen was also present.

The students were then called up and handed their scrubs by Professor Robinson. They signed the Dental Student Code of Conduct before returning to their seats. Dr James Ban then spoke to them about digital professionalism and offered practical guidance on how to use social media responsibly and professionally.

Staff and students commented that it was a very enjoyable morning and there were many smiling faces as students were called up to receive their scrubs. The members of the Scrubs ceremony organising group would like to thank the Faculty and Emily Schoner, Year 1 and 2 Coordinator for their support for and assistance with this initiative.


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