Sneha awarded prize at National Intercalators Conference

We were incredibly proud to receive the news a few weeks ago that final year BDS student Sneha Chotaliya was awarded the prize for Best Oral Presentation at the National Intercalators Conference. This large and very competitive national event, hosted online by the University of Cardiff, is an opportunity for students who have intercalated to present their research to a broad audience, and includes dental, medical and veterinary students.

The chair of the panel, Professor Richard Coward, made the following comments about Sneha’s win:

“The standard of the conference was superb, which makes Sneha’s award even more impressive. She gave a fantastic presentation about the use of mendelian randomisation in a cohort of several thousand people understanding the role of Body Mass Index and High density lipoproteins in heart failure outcomes.”

We hope you will join with us in congratulating Sneha on this superb achievement!

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