Scrubs Ceremony 2020

Congratulations to this year’s Year 2 students who received their scrubs – as part of their progression towards being a clinical student – on 24th January 2020! The Dental Scrubs ceremony marks the transition from pre-clinical to clinical studies and enables students to reflect on their new role and responsibilities when looking after dental patients.

This event was opened by Dr Michele Barbour and in her role as interim Head of School she also presented the Year 2 students with their scrubs and presided over the signing of the student code of conduct. Dr Waylen led an interactive discussion about student professionalism and Dr Mark Gormley also addressed the students on the topic of social media and its impact on professionalism and adherence to GDC guidelines.

Thanks are due to Hannah Stradling and all those in the Student Administration Office who organised and handed over the scrubs to students.

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