Scrubs Ceremony 2019

On 21st January 2019 we held our fifth consecutive Dental Scrubs Ceremony.

The purpose of the Dental Scrubs ceremony is to mark the student’s transition from pre-clinical to clinical stage of their studies, as well as take the opportunity to reflect on their new role and responsibilities as dental students with patients on clinic.

Bristol Dental School is the only Dental school in the UK that runs a Dental Scrubs ceremony.

Following an open address by Dr James Puryer, student professionalism was discussed, and this led on to a discussion of the UH Bristol Uniform and Dress Code by Drs Patricia Neville and Andrea Waylen. Dr Mark Gormley also spoke to the students about social media and its impact on professionalism and adhering to GDC guidelines.

The morning event culminated in the students receiving their scrubs and signing of the dental student code of conduct.

Student evaluation data reveals that the majority of students felt that the ceremony was either ‘’very good” (12%) or “good” (40%) overall. The discussion about social media was considered the most “interesting” talk of the day (56.86%) with the UH Bristol Dress policy rated as the most relevant (46%). The event was delivered by “excellent” (39%) and “very good” (39%) speakers.

The Dental Scrubs Ceremony organising committee would like to thank all the students for their participation during the event, and especially Dr James Puryer, Mrs Carole Sellen and Dr Mark Gormley for taking time out of their busy schedules to participate in this event. Thanks also to Esther Hares, Year 1 and 2 Faculty Administrator for her assistance with the planning of the event and the rest of the Administration team who oversaw the distribution of the scrubs on the day.

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