Shop Well for Less – Bristol Dental Hospital on the BBC!

You may have spotted the University of Bristol Dental Hospital on BBC One’s Shop Well for Less (first aired Wednesday 19th September and available via the iPlayer for 28 days – check out the 35 minute mark!).

Ms Sarah Bain, Director of DCP School and Dental Hygiene Students took part in a plaque challenge, testing electronic toothbrushes with a Bristol-based gospel choir. The members of the choir were asked not to brush their teeth for 24 hours, then use disclosing tablets to highlight the accumulation of plaque. After some instruction on how to brush teeth, the impact of electronic toothbrushes was assessed.

Although not a highly scientific test, the cheapest toothbrush was found to be the best. This toothbrush had a similar action to the most expensive. Research suggests that oscillating and rotating toothbrushes are most effective at cleaning teeth.

It was amazing that six hours’ worth of filming was required for 1 minute and 47 seconds of airtime!  A big thank you to Sarah Bain and the Dental Hygiene Students in supporting the programme. We were pleased that the show also promoted the free Dental Treatment provided at the Dental School and Hospital.

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