Posture Workshop

Ever wanted to improve your posture?

Do you suffer from back or neck pain?

Not sure how to sit at a desk or sit to treat a patient? 

Well, I will be holding a POSTURE WORKSHOP on MONDAY 18TH SEPTEMBER from 13.00 – 13.30 in Chapter House Lecture Theatre. 

This workshop is applicable to all staff and all students at BDH (not just dental students). 

I am a fifth year dental student and have recently completed my elective on the posture of dental students at BDH (you may have wondered why I was wandering around ADH with a clipboard – I was analysing your posture!).  

This workshop will cover my main findings and explain how I assessed posture.  This will hopefully provide you with some tips to help improve your posture which may therefore reduce and/or prevent musculoskeletal pain. 

If you are interested in attending, but cannot make Mon 18th Sept, please email me at  If there is enough interest then I will hold an additional workshop. 

Year 4 – please note this is the same posture workshop I presented to you last term.  You are welcome to attend again. 

This elective has been helpful in improving my own posture and I hope you will benefit from my findings too. 

Kind Regards


Dental Student

Yr 5.4a

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