Dental School walk and cycle afternoon

The first Bristol Dental School recreational walk and cycle afternoon took place on the baking hot Sunday afternoon of 18th June. Walks, led by one man (Dymock) and his dog (Hunter), were undertaken by four members of the Puryer and two members of the Mallinson clans, and five Year 4 dental students: Emily, Gulpivan, Sushmi, Harpreet and Alex. The Red Arrows gave the walkers a spectacular start flying past just as we crested the first hill. The circular routes, one being shorter than the other, proceeded through fields, woods, across streams and rivers, passing through traditional Somerset villages and back to Pensford via picturesque Publow church. Well done in particular to the Puryer family, whose junior ranks stayed cheerful throughout despite a lengthy wait in Woollard for others on the longer route, and to our students who survived sunburn, dehydration, nettle stings, muddy plimsolls and, most challenging of all, relaxing chats with staff! Drinks in the cool riverside garden of the Rising Sun pub next to Pensford viaduct were most welcome, with the cyclists (Professor Robinson, Dr Weekes, and Theo), having ridden 52 miles and climbed 4500 feet, arriving more parched even than the walkers. A fun time was had by all, and we look forward to more social events enjoying the fantastic countryside surrounding Bristol.

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