Download “Unpaywall” to reach open access journal articles

Library staff would encourage all staff and students in the Dental School to download Unpaywall a new free web browser extension which links to journal articles, even if the Library doesn’t subscribe to the journal, if the author has put up an open access version of the article on the Web.

This makes finding Open Access journal articles really easy, whereas before they may have been available but hidden away in institutional or subject repositories.

This is great news for Dental students when they leave Bristol, and Dentists in practice, who are no longer able to enjoy the benefits of the University Library and its expensive journal subscriptions.

It’s also presents a powerful case for encouraging academic researchers to ensure that they use the green open access publishing route for their research where possible, to make it as widely accessible to all. For further advice on that see: Bristol University Library: Open Access

For further information please see:

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