Introducing our new Year 2 NICE Champions!

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) maintains a web portal called Evidence Search. This web portal is a key tool for health professionals facing clinical decisions and a requirement to provide patients with explanations. It links to high quality evidence for health care practice allowing the practitioner to quickly find guidelines, systematic reviews and meta-analyses and clinical trial outcome data.

Liz is pictured with the 2017 NICE Evidence Search Champions.

Volunteer second year BDS students attended an afternoon of training to be able to deliver peer led teaching sessions on the use of NICE Evidence Search. The session was delivered by Anne Weist, Education Manager for the Quality and Leadership Programme run by NICE using material designed by Liz Robb, Senior Special Care Dentist and Clinical Governance Lead with the United Hospitals Bristol Primary Care Dental Service. Liz was the first Dental Fellow of NICE, appointed in 2012. One of her first missions was to engage our dental students in the NICE Evidence Search Student Champion Scheme. This is a national programme which aims to improve the routine use of evidence-based information by future health and social care professionals. Bristol Dental School has worked directly with NICE on the scheme since 2013.

The peer teaching sessions are to be delivered in March to Year 2.

Year 2 students: look out for these sessions in your timetable and support your fellow students. NICE would be grateful if you help by completing the pre-session survey on how you search for information.

“Evidence search is useful for us as because we have just started seeing patients, we know how to find good, reliable websites we can direct them to if they are looking for more information.”

2016 NICE Champion

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