Women’s History Month Profiles – Dr Laurna Lambert

Photo of Laurna Lambert

To celebrate Women’s History Month, Naomi Douglas and Chloe Poole (UBDSS), in collaboration with the ED&I Committee, asked some of our female staff to reflect on their careers, achievements, inspirations, and challenges they’ve overcome. This will be shared as a series of posts over the next few weeks, and represents just a small portion of … Read more

Ask The Staff – Dr Laurna Lambert

Current Year 3 student and brand new UBDSS President Sina Gilannejad (congrats Sina!) recently interviewed one of the Dental School’s newer members of staff, Dr Laurna Lambert. 1. What is your history in the dental field? “It’s not been a long pathway because I’ve relatively only newly qualified. I graduated in Trinity Collage Dublin in … Read more

Ask The Staff – Dr James Puryer

An afternoon with Dr James Puryer. What excites you most about dentistry? Treating head and neck cancer patients is what I enjoy the most. They have had a raw deal and are particularly deserving and I find it satisfying being part of their rehabilitation. I find the restorative rehabilitation of these challenging as they often … Read more